Students competing in a Special Olympics event.

Transitions III

  • This half-day food preparation program is designed for students who have participated in Transition I and Transition II, or equivalent programming. In this program, students apply the entry-level knowledge and skills obtained in previous courses to work in the food industry. In the program, students run a school-based food enterprise and are involved in all aspects of this business including planning, shopping, and preparation of a meal. All skills are developed sequentially, with demonstration, practice, and reinforcement, so that skills become embedded behaviors. Instruction includes applied technology, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and mathematics, as well as time management, problem-solving, teamwork, and other work success skills. Upon completion of this program, students are ready for work-based experiences in the community.

    Example of Skills Taught

    • Food preparation and restaurant operation skills
    • Safety and sanitation
    • Equipment operations
    • Work habits and customer service.
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Following directions and maintaining attention to tasks