WEST students celebrate their graduation.

Work Experience Skills Training (WEST)

  • This half-day program is designed for students who have participated in two to three years of Transition programming and are ready for work-based learning opportunities in the community. Work-based training is facilitated in the school setting, community, and worksite locations, creating a continuum of experience that progresses from a familiar environment to a community-based setting and then a worksite to demonstrate and apply skills. This supervised work experience training program is designed to progressively help students learn and develop employability skills necessary for independent employment. Work-based experiences vary based on individual skill level and readiness, which is continuously monitored and evaluated. The WEST curriculum follows the New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) standards to help students achieve the ability to function with limited to no supervision.

    • Types of Work-based Experiences:
      • Community-based group experience; a group of students participating at the same worksite doing the same or different tasks with staff supervision and monitoring.
      • Internship with supervision and support; students participate at a worksite with direct supervision from a staff member.
      • Internship without supervision; the student is at the worksite independently, and the worksite mentor supervises.
      • Paid work experience
      • Work experience can vary from 1 to 4 days per week with 4-5 different internship rotations/locations. The classroom component of this program is designed to promote career exploration and the development of workplace skills and competencies for entry-level employment.