Batavia CTE Center Career Assessment Program

Mount Morris CTE Center CAP Program

Career Assessment Program

  • The Career Assessment Program (CAP) allows students, ages 15 and up, to explore careers in a hands-on setting before selecting a program. Through pre-vocational activities, students will complete at least four program explorations while in CAP. Each  student's interests, talents, and lifestyle choices are examined with the goal of determining a potential career path.

    Each campus has a Career Assessment Program (CAP) counselor responsible for coordinating and assisting students as they navigate through programs of their choice. Each is a certified school counselor with a master’s degree in counseling. General Education, as well as students with IEPs/504s, are welcome in the CAP Program.
    CAP allows students to explore a variety of careers in a hands-on setting before selecting the career and technical path that suits them. Students will complete at least four program explorations. Students may choose to remain in one program for the remainder of the year or explore additional classes.