Human Services Program

Human Services

  • Earn up to six college credits

    This program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in the diverse field of human services. Through practical work experiences, students develop high-level skills needed to interact with people of all ages in a variety of environments, such as classrooms, childcare centers and human service agencies. Over the course of two years, students study human growth and development, from birth to adulthood. 

    Human Services students gain experience planning and preparing lessons for preschool children, including writing goals and learning objectives. Students research specific issues facing individuals and families, as well as locating and creating a list of Community Resource Agencies that serve the respective population. Human Services students examine aging and how it impacts a person's development, including lifestyle changes, activities, and various levels of care. Students in Human Services experience working with the aging population in local assistive-living facilities. Human Services students also have the opportunity to work with clients from either Genesee ARC or the ARC of Livingston-Wyoming. 

    Students learn valuable job skills, such as writing cover letters and resumes, creating a portfolio, and interview experience. Eligible students have the opportunity to have two work-based learning experiences in the community, at various local agencies, and/or schools. 

    Students have the opportunity to become certified in First Aid and Community CPR.

    This program is only offered at the Mount Morris Career and Technical Education Center.