A teacher's aide working one-on one with a student.

School-Age Special Education Programs

  • Students aged 5-22, designated by their home schools' Committees on Special Education (CSE), thrive in tailored programs offered by Genesee Valley BOCES. In the 6:1:1 setting, students are supported by research-based strategies, fostering a rigorous, engaging environment aligned with New York State Education Standards. A robust classroom management system ensures a supportive daily routine. Academic, social, crisis, and counseling support address individual needs, creating a structured path toward unique goals. 

    For those aged 15-22, the 12:1:1 setting in GV BOCES Transition and LIVES Programs caters to diverse educational, management, and social needs. This environment adapts to various learning styles, providing academic support crucial for each student's academic progress and goal attainment. Guided by Career Development and Occupational Skills (CDOS) standards, the curriculum integrates core academic with social and work readiness skills, preparing students for entry-level employment. The flexibility of full-day and half-day programs, recommended by CSE, ensures comprehensive support for each student's educational journey.