LIVES students at a conference


  • LIVES - Learn Independence, Vocational, and Educational Skills

    The LIVES Program is a unique college experience for students. The LIVES Program is a transition program located on the campus of the State University of New York – College at Geneseo in collaboration with the Genesee Valley BOCES. Students, ages 18-22, with intellectual and/or other developmental disabilities, are provided with an inclusive educational community. The goal is to create independent lifelong learners who are connected to their community in a variety of ways.

    • What opportunities will be offered?
      • Career choices
      • Internships
      • Employment Training and Readiness
      • Friends, Clubs, Sports
      • Independence
      • Community Service
      • Leadership
    • Some admission requirements are:
      • be willing to make a two to four-year commitment
      • have a desire for greater independence
      • maintain a satisfactory attendance record
      • demonstrate successful participation in an academic setting, functional-skills curriculum, and in a vocational situation
      • demonstrate developmentally appropriate social skills and the ability to act in a socially appropriate manner

    A certified Special Education teacher facilitates instruction and individualized opportunities in the LIVES Program to ensure every student receives the highest quality education through this rigorous, challenging, and engaging learning environment. All students benefit from close working relationships with faculty and staff to encourage intellectual engagement and personal growth. Individualized accommodations, supports, structure, and specially designed instruction provide a foundation for each student to progress and succeed in the LIVES program. Evidence-based practices and strategies are used to foster cognitive, interpersonal, physical, behavioral, and social-emotional development for all students.