Track-It for Work Tickets

  • Track-it is the system used to create the work orders/tickets to request work from the Records Management CoSer.   Work Orders/tickets can be created to request scanning, record retrievals, shredding, and there is a record miscellaneous option as well. Track-it work orders/tickets can be created by visiting the Records Management webpage, Work Order Request: 

    1. Click on this link to take you to the Records Management Track-It Tickets/Work Order Request.
    2. Enter your user name and password
    3. Click on create a new ticket
    4. Fill in the summary, callback number, priority, category, contact name (person creating the Track-it ticket, and number of boxes (if applicable)
    5. In the notes section please put a brief description of the work you are requesting and include the record series and date span of the records. If you are requesting shredding of records after scanning and verification, please mention that here.  Also note here, if you would like the records to be sorted prior to scanning or if you would like every page scanned. 
    6. Click submit
    7. Click more details, print the page, and tape this to the top of all boxes being sent in.
    8. Click the upper right corner drop-down arrow and Log-out once you are finished

    Track-It instructions to view submitted work tickets:

    • Enter the User Name and Password
    • Click on View My Tickets