• Janet Green with campers and staffStaff Spotlight: Janet Green

    Janet Green, a seasoned LPN instructor for the Adult Education Nursing Program at Genesee Valley (GV) BOCES, is a pillar of both knowledge and compassion in the medical field. With a decade of dedication to GV BOCES and an extensive background in nursing, Green's career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to healthcare.

    Before transitioning to teaching, Green spent an impressive 35 years at UR Medicine Noyes Health in Dansville, NY, where she worked in the maternity ward and the emergency department. The wealth of experience she gained there laid the foundation for her role as an instructor, where she imparts her wisdom to aspiring nurses.

    For an astounding 33 years, Green has devoted her summers volunteering at the Genesee Valley Rotary Camp, which provides a free, week-long overnight camping experience for children aged 8 to 21 with special needs. What started as a friend's invitation to assist as a camp nurse in 1990 became a lifelong commitment for Green. By 1995, she had assumed the role of health director for the camp, overseeing the well-being of the campers throughout the week.

    With a team of dedicated individuals, Green ensures that the campers, ranging from those in wheelchairs to those requiring tube feeding, experience a week filled with various activities every summer. From swimming and archery to music and adaptive physical education, the camp offers a range of opportunities for the children to explore and enjoy.

    "We have a motto," Green said. "If you knew where and when a miracle was going to take place, wouldn't you want to be there? Every single year we see that.”

    Recognizing the importance of practical experience, she encourages her LPN students to volunteer at the summer camp. This camp holds a special place in Green's heart. For Green, the camp is not just a volunteer opportunity; it's a chance to make a difference in the lives of these children. 

    Janet Green with campers

    "My favorite part is the kids. I love the kids; they're my kids," she said with a warmth that reflects the genuine connection she forms with each camper.

    Green's dedication to the camp goes beyond her individual efforts; she transforms volunteering into a family affair. Her husband, son, daughter-in-law, and even her grandchildren, all join in the noble cause, contributing their time and skills to create a memorable experience for the campers.

    Green continues to convey her nursing knowledge to future healthcare professionals during the academic year. She eagerly awaits the summers, knowing that amidst the trees and laughter of the Genesee Valley Rotary Camp. Green believes that miracles are bound to happen, and she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

    The Genesee Valley Rotary Camp, located in Portageville, NY relies on fundraisers and donations to operate. The Rotary Clubs in Genesee Valley sponsor the children and support from other community organizations and members is welcomed.  For more information, contact info@gvrc.org.