About the Board of Education


    The Board of Education of the Genesee Valley BOCES consists of 11 elected residents, one from each of the 22 component school districts within the GV BOCES region. The date of the annual election in each component district is set by the current BOCES Board President. It is the same day as the vote on the tentative administrative budget, between April 16 and 30. All the component districts meet on that same date. Members of a BOCES board are nominated by a resolution of one or more school boards of its component districts. The resolution must be provided to the clerk of the BOCES board at least 30 days prior to the election.

    On the date designated for the election, each component board is entitled to cast one vote per vacancy, but no more than one vote per candidate. GV BOCES board members are elected by the resolution of the component boards on the ballot prepared by the clerk of the BOCES.

    The candidates receiving the plurality of votes cast are elected with the candidate receiving the highest vote total elected to the position with the longest term, and the candidate with the second-highest vote total elected to the position with the second-longest term, and so on.

    BOCES board members are elected to three-year terms. In order to be eligible for membership on a BOCES board, a candidate must reside within the boundaries of a component school district.