Scarlett Seaman - A Story of Perseverance

  • Scarlett“Genesee Valley BOCES gave me a foundation that I will always be grateful for.”

    Battles in life, in most cases, are fought uphill, and to win without struggle is perhaps to win without honor.

    Scarlett Seaman graduated from high school in 2010 and went off to attend Coastal Carolina University where she failed out of the first semester. She then attended Monroe Community College but had no aspirations for her future. After reflecting on her passions, Seaman decided to look into nursing. After taking all of her prerequisites, she was denied multiple different colleges. Seaman felt defeated.

    However, the words no and can’t aren't in Seaman’s dictionary.

    After boosting her GPA, Seaman decided to apply to Genesee Valley BOCES’ Licensed Practical Nursing Program.

    “As soon as I walked through the door at Genesee Valley BOCES, I felt like I was home,” said Seaman. “I felt comfortable and was accepted for who I am.”

    However, four days before Seaman was set to begin Genesee Valley BOCES’ LPN program, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. But that didn’t stop Seaman from showing up four days later and ready to work!

    “A few days later, I had another flare-up. I pulled my teacher aside and told her what was going on and she hugged me tightly as I cried,” said Seaman. “I was worried that I was going to have to withdraw from the program because of my health, but she told me that we were going to get through this together, and we did.”

    Seaman stayed enrolled in the program and her health eventually stabilized. She graduated with her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Degree in 2014.

    “Genesee Valley BOCES gave me a foundation that I will always be grateful for,” said Seaman.

    In 2015, Seaman re-enrolled at MCC and graduated with a Health Science Associate's Degree. From there, she applied to Finger Lakes College of Nursing to become a Registered Nurse (RN). In 2018, Seaman graduated as the President of the Class, and an Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society Member with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN).

    Seaman was awarded the 2018 Future Nurse Leader of New York State Award.

    “After finishing my ADN, I applied to SUNY Brockport’s RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and graduated in 2019 with a 3.6 GPA while having a newborn at home,” said Seaman.

    Seaman is an RN BSN at Strong Memorial Hospital’s Neuro ICU and is attending Utica College to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

    “I want to encourage others because I am where I am today because I kept pushing and never took no for an answer,” said Seaman. “If you are told no, find another door to open. If I can do it, my students can do it and I am ready to make their dreams a reality.”