Regional Food Service

  • The Regional Food Service provides participating districts with comprehensive school food service management at many levels. This regional coordination has three levels of service.

    Level I

    Planning/measuring phase. This phase takes three to six months.

    Level II

    The management functions associated with the food service program is completed by Regional Food Service Managers. Local district cook managers may become Regional Food Service managers and become employees of the Genesee Valley BOCES.

    Level III

    The complete transfer of all school food service functions and qualified food service staff over to Regional Food Service and all become employees of the BOCES.  Costs of the program are dependent on days of service and vary due to the needs of the individual districts. We also provide consulting services to districts that are in need of analyzing their cafeteria program, operations, and staff.

    Districts are required to participate sequentially before opting to participate in the next level of service.

    Level I: Planning/Measuring Phase

    Level II: Management Staff Only

    Level III: Complete Transfer of Operation

    Consulting Services are available upon request.


  • Debbie Naples                                 

    Debbie Naples
    Regional Food Service Director
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    (585) 346-4000 ext. 4302

    Deena Kingston







    Deena Kingston                                       
    Regional Food Service Assistant Director
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